Every candidate taking the IELTS test wants to score top band.  But the question is How to score top band in IELTS? IELTS is one of the English tests to ascertain a student’s English proficiency related to Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Students are tested on certain testing criteria to check their knowledge in respect to English language.

Remember “the difference between a player and a champion is, the champion works little harder than a player.” So to achieve good score in IELTS, you need to plan, study and take exams in a systematic way. At our academy our trainers teach you to master the skills to score good in IELTS Exam.

Following are the points extracted from past experiences  of an expert IELTS tutor. By following these tips, you can score good marks in IELTS.

Step to follow to get a higher band in IELTS.

  • Practice at least 30-40 previous test papers of each module.
  • Note down the scores of every test on a tabular sheet to check the growth or otherwise.
  • Work on the weaker areas.
  • Get the papers corrected by an expert and accentuate on the feedback.
  • Follow the feedback and employ extra efforts on it which are given by the tutor.
  • Book the slot only when the tutor recommends you to do so.
  • Do not book the examination slot till you achieve 35-40 marks in each test out of 40. This proves you are ready for the test to score high. Harder is the training, easier is the final championship.
  • Give the time some time. Don’t rush. Let practice give you perfection.

Tips to get high score in IELTS Listening Test

  • Watch English movies and English news channels, documentaries etc.
  • Set a target to watch one from the above every day.
  • Watch and listen carefully to the dialogues as it is advantageous, if there are subtitles in English and read the same simultaneously as you listen.

Tips to get high bands in IELTS Reading Test

  • The articles printed in the test are from authentic documents from different sources like magazines, journals, university research papers.
  • Look for the articles which originated in this form of academic style.
  • Exposure to different subjects such as science, geography, arts, medicine, psychology, engineering etc
  • During practice read actively and get involved in the article. Mere reading will be of no help.
  • The golden method of skimming and scanning is to be followed.
  • Gradually monitor the scores and guidelines provided by the tutor.
  • Ask yourself questions generated in mind with regards to the text and all the questions must be related to topic.

Tricks to get good score in IELTS Writing Test

Writing task-1 i.e Letter Writing

Follow the guidelines of a traditional letter like:

  • The heading
  • The greeting on salutation
  • Communication or the body of the letter in 3-4 paragraphs
  • Conclusion
  • The signature

Best method to score for Writing Test 2 that is “essay”

  • There are two types of essays :Narrative and Descriptive.
  • Write neatly it should be readable.
  • Write the essay as per the topic or the question only?
  • Do not express your opinion unless asked in the question
  • An argument should be rational without any bias.
  • Use spelling, punctuation marks appropriately. Like  (full stop, comma, inverted comma, apostrophe-s, question mark etc.) letters of upper case (majuscule) and lowercase (minuscule).
  • Reading the editorial column of any newspaper daily, even from old news papers will also help a lot.

Tips to get high bands in IELTS Speaking Test

  • Be comfortable and relaxed  during speaking test
  • Follow the same guidelines of writing tests.
  • In speaking, the words are spoken and in writing, the words are written.
  • The only focus should be on immediate analytical thinking and appropriate answers to the question/s.
  • There has to be at least 4-5 superlative words and 4-5 ornamental words which are hardly used in daily life.
  • Usage of superlatives will carry more attraction like add color, aggrandize, amplify, dramatize, elaborate, embellish, embroider, hyperbolize, inflate, magnify, overdraw, stretch the truth, Powerful incredible, tremendous, splendid, magnificent, gorgeous, lively, fascinate,  amazing, phenomenal, unquestionable, awesome, fabulous etc

To conclude

  • Do not stress out
  • Give 2-3 mock tests before the main test.
  • If you are unable to get the desired score be more proactive than before.’

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