What is IELTS

What is IELTS?

As simple as that its an Test/Exam.

The (IELTS) International English Language Testing System is very famous in the world of overseas education, involving the possible loss of a large amount of money or a risks of no certain results, if hard work is not done.

The test is for study, work & migration, with more than four million tests taken few years. More than 10,000 universities and organizations have recognized the IELTS test results, including autonomous colleges, educational institutions, employers, professional and legal associations and also governments of more than 150 countries globally.

IELTS test can either be taken on paper or on computer the choice is left to the student at their  convenience. The myth is of questions content level of difficulty, format of the question paper for  students option for IELTS Academic or IELTS General Training, depends upon the requirement of the purpose. To study in the Canada, Australia and UK, IELTS test approval is required for respective Visa and Immigration.

The IELTS test format


The IELTS Listening test is designed to assess a wide range of listening skills


The IELTS Reading test is designed to assess a wide range of reading skills


The IELTS Writing test is separated into two parts to analyse the writing skills.


The IELTS Speaking test is to analyse the inter personal skills of the candidate.

IELTS is a test in English Language in four  modules :

  1. Listening,
  2. Reading,
  3. Writing and
  4. Speaking

Listening, Reading and Writing tests are conducted on the same day one after another , with no breaks in between. For the Speaking test, the test slot can be booked online on a desired date , place  (city and country) & time.

Its based on first come and first serve basis. The slot once booked cannot be changed.

The IELTS is as under:

IELTS Listening test (30 minutes) The candidate has to to listen to 4 recordings and answer the questions on it. The recordings will be placed once no rewind or replay will be done. The listening test will be in native English for a duration of 30 minutes.
IELTS Reading test (60 minutes) 40 questions are designed in IELTS Reading test and it is designed to test the candidate on many levels of skills and intelligent questionnaire. The candidate is expected to skim /grab comprehend and collect main ideas, other mentioned details, logical thinking and chronology, and find out the main theme and authors intention and focus on the passage/s .
IELTS Writing test (60 minutes) The writing test of IELTS is of 2 tasks Task 1 and Task 2 and based on the modules the candidate is opting Academic or General purposes pf the test.
IELTS Speaking Test (11-14 minutes) Speaking test of the IELTS judges the spoken English of the candidate. The test is documented in the form of recording in 3 parts.

IELTS Test at a Glance:

IELTS Test Component Duration Brief Description
Reading 60 minutes 3 Sections, 40 Items
Writing 60 Minutes 2 Tasks
Listening 60 Minutes 4 Sections, 40 Items
Speaking 11 - 14 Minutes 3 Part one-on-one Conversation

Must read before starting IELTS coaching ??????

How can I get more bands in IELTS?

I wrote exam twice but still I am at 5 bands??

Those who have very little knowledge of English scored more and they are either in Canada / New Zealand/ Australia/ USA/ UK?

Many people have also asked Why me only ??

What is IELTS exam fee?

The IELTS test fee in India has different fee structure.

Test Type Cost (INR)
Computer-Delivered IELTS 13250
IELTS for IKVI 18500
Life Skills 13850
Pen snd Paper based IELTS 13250

(The above information subject to change without notice.)

There are 2 elements required in test of IELT. They are English knowledge and duration of exam.

The candidate needs to understand the pattern of exam for example:

Free Download Test Papers for:

Writing Task 1
Writing Task 2
Reading Listening Speaking Answers

Which TEST is easy IDP or British council?  Difference between IDP and British Council? Who sets the IELTS paper??

Lets clear the myth.

British Council

British Council is the UK’s international organization for educational opportunity and cultural relations and is represented in more than 140 countries worldwide.

IDP: IELTS Australia

IDP: IELTS Australia is a subsidiary of IDP Education, it is one of the world’s leading international education organizations for student placement in many countries like Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand and UK. IDP: IELTS Australia has more than 100 IELTS test centres in more than 60 countries. IDP Education is an ASX listed company (the Australian Stock Exchange) is 50% owned by 38 Australian universities and it is about 45 years’ old.

Cambridge Assessment English

Cambridge Assessment English is part of the University of Cambridge.  Over 5 million people in 130 countries write IELTS exams every year. More than 20,000 universities across the world, employers, government ministries and other organizations accept the scores of IELTS exams and qualifications as evidence of profanely in English language.  A biggest team of dedicated research analyst of English language test are being conducted by Cambridge English exams around the world. And Cambridge Assessment English is purely a not profit organization.

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